Training by Chris Becher

about me

Training by Chris Becher, I have been training dogs for over 15 years. I have taken my own dogs and titled  them to the highest levels of competition. 
I have worked over 500 dogs in trials, along with 28 regional trial’s and 8 Boxer Nationals. I have sought to further my education in dog handling and helper techniques by traveling to  Europe to learn from top handlers and helpers in the world of Schutzhund. I am ——
USA BOX Member since early 2000’s and Past USA BOX Board Member at Large through 2010
Past Member of Fox Valley Police and Schutzhund Club, Member of OG Bierstadt Schutzhund Club, President since 2016, Schutzhund Decoy since 2000.  National Level Helper Certification 2008, Member American Working Malinois Association, Founding Member and Vice President East WI Working Boxer Klub since 2008, Former Trainer at Stenig Tal Police K9 Training Academy

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