“In 2018, ‘Ulla’ (Boxnens Unlimited) joined our family in New Zealand. Arranging the 12,000+ mile journey was complicated and took almost a year. But Minna was amazing – she went well beyond what most breeders would do! I wanted a pup from Minna because she offers everything that I think is important: working ability, sound conformation, health testing, and great early socialisation for the pups. Most important is that she clearly genuinely loves her dogs and their puppies and is there to offer advice and support to their new families for life. I feel very lucky to have ‘Ulla’!” 

Dr Daniela Rosenstreich

Apex Boxers, New Zealand



Boxnen Boxers has my highest endorsement for breeding superb quality Boxers of strong mind, health, temperament, work-ability, and conformation. They adhere to strict Atibox standards and quality. My dog y-Monroe is an example of Boxnen’s commitment to the breed. This dedication to excellence is seen in all of their litters. 

Perry G


Chris and Minna are the best breeders, they are always available for questions. Even after you bring your puppy home. I couldn’t have asked for a better pup! I picked him up at 8 weeks old and he was well socialized, great temperament, way too smart and super playful! He is almost 4 now and still has a high energy level but loves to work. He keeps me busy but I love him to pieces! Thanks to both Chris and Minna, I will never go anywhere else for my boxers! 

Colleen G.




On September 11th 2017 we picked up Hank from Minna and Chris. He is our 7th boxer. He is everything we could hope for. He is very smart, handsome and healthy. He has excellent temperament and has all the characteristics of a very well-bred boxer. I highly recommend Boxnen Boxers for your next family member. Hank is a joy and we are so blessed to have him in our life. Our next boxer will be a Boxnen boxer.

Deb J


Minna and Boxnen Boxers are an incredible choice for a great puppy. Our 7 month baby was given to us at 8 weeks with a full binder of puppy training and living tips and tricks. Minna is available whenever for any questions or concerns I run into. Oscar was also socialized and crate trained at 8 weeks when we brought him home. They’re one of a kind 💛

Emily W

Milwaukee, Wisconsin